Cape Town Destinations

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Bantry Bay

1 Listing

Bantry Bay is where the elite come to play, surrounded by sheer cliffs and the endless blue of the Atlantic. It's not just luxurious—it's a statement. Privacy, exclusivity, and unmatched views make it the ultimate hideaway.

Camps Bay

11 Listings

Camps Bay is the place to see and be seen, with its glamorous beachfront setting the stage for unforgettable sunsets and nights out. It's a melting pot of culture, cuisine, and cool, all against the backdrop of Table Mountain.

Clifton 3rd Beach

1 Listing

Clifton 3rd Beach is your ticket to paradise, boasting some of the clearest waters and most pristine sands. It's an exclusive oasis that promises pure relaxation and a touch of glamour under the Cape sun.

Hout Bay

2 Listings

Hout Bay is a vibrant mix of natural beauty and lively culture, where adventure meets tranquility. Whether it's exploring the markets, sailing the harbor, or lounging on the beach, Hout Bay has a unique spirit that captivates.

Mouille Point

1 Listing

Mouille Point offers a slice of seaside excellence, with its upscale ambiance reflected in elegant cafes, luxurious apartments, and unparalleled Atlantic views. This area combines the tranquility of oceanfront living with the sophistication of an urban lifestyle.

V&A Waterfront

3 Listings

The V&A Waterfront is a showcase of luxury and exclusivity, set against the backdrop of Cape Town's dynamic harbor. With its world-class shopping, gourmet dining experiences, and opulent hotels, it embodies the pinnacle of sophistication.